Life-Stream VS. Live-Stream, What’s the Difference?

It’s no secret that we are living in the digital age. More and more people are spending their time watching videos than reading books, and this is where you and I need to be. So if you want to watch this blog content in a video, don’t even scroll down. Just click here.

In the previous blog, I shared that the church must be doing more live-streams. I want to break that down even more and share about 2 different types of live-streams. Luria Petrucci, a famous podcaster and internet personality, says that there are two types of Social Video: Life-Stream and Live-Stream. So what’s the difference?

1. Life-Stream is Vlogging

Life-Stream is what’s best known as vlogging. It allows viewers to get inside not only your work but your life. Vlogs are often done without a set place, set script, and professional equipment. All you need is your phone and an online platform to stream in (Facebook or YouTube). As odd as it sounds, vlogs shine brighter when things are unprofessional and a bit random. However, this doesn’t mean that there are no purposes in these videos. Some goals of vlogging are to produce educational contents, fun life stories, and inspirational thoughts. Vlogging is actually quite simple. In fact, you have done it already if you have streamed your thoughts on Instagram Story. So don’t be afraid to use vlogging in your ministry strategy.

2. Live-Stream is Live Shows

Live Video Shows have a dedicated time, place, day of the week for people to show up. It’s done more professionally on a computer (or your phone) with good V.A.L. (video, audio, and lighting). Live Shows should have some sort of script and a clear picture of where you want to lead your viewers to. One of the good examples of Social Live Shows is by Michael Hyatt. This live show is in an interview format with another thought-leader and incorporates questions from social platforms to influence its contents. You can watch one of my favorite episode of Michael Hyatt Show here. But don’t be discouraged by how professional this is. In my opinion, you can crush a Live Show with your phone. Put your phone in a wide-angle setting on a tripod and go live-stream. What’s more important is your content. People are willing to overlook a quality of the video if the content is relevant and helpful. And I am confident that you have a lot of helpful contents. Just dig deep and bring it out.


I love this line from from Luria: “Live videos requires true vulnerability and not fake authenticity.” Developing a Social Live Video Strategy whether its in a form of vlogging or live show is and will be a substantial part of your ministry. Go live-stream today so when your members need you on their phone, you are already there.


Hey, have you ever shared an inspirational thought on Instagram Story? If yes, what kind of response did you get? I would like to know, so comment below to share what you learned about it.