Stay Inspired

It’s a phrase that describes a “state of being”, but it’s a state that cannot be achieved by just “being”. It takes tremendous amount of intention and will to achieve this particular state of being, “staying inspired”.

I once heard from a conference speaker that the most important thing a leader must do to keep leading was “to stay encouraged.” Ever since then, I’ve put the lesson into practice. It wasn’t easy at first, but I believe I’ve made some headway and made it a helpful voice in my head. And also, I developed its original phrase to now say “Stay Inspired”.

When you are inspired, it moves you to move. In and of itself is very beneficial. We live in a society that pressures young people not to move until we have everything figured out. Unless we have our careers figured out, do not choose your major. Unless you have your marriage figured out, do not commit. Unless you have a strategic plan to approach your future, stay in the past. What inspirations help us do is that it helps us to move in spite of uncertainty. Rather than paralyzing, it frees people to pursue the future and move towards it.

And I believe that being inspired once, or twice, and randomly is not sustainable. You must stay inspired. What I mean is that you and I must stay in the arena of what or whom inspires you.


Follow the source of your inspiration

I love listening to good speakers because they inspire me. The contents they communicate, the way they deliver, and atmosphere they create are all sources of inspiration for me. Who inspires you? I suggest that you examine your heart when you hear a speaker give a speech. What types of message inspire you? For example, my heart is filled with inspiration when I hear the power of resilience that results in changed lives. I know it’s very specific, but it gets me 100% of the times. I cry when I hear the a demonstration of resiliency that overcomes an improbable setback. So I follow speakers who are really good at it. At this point in my life, that is Erwin McManus of Mosaic. So I started following him on Instagram, bought 5 of his books, went to his church to hear him speak. I follow from a pretty close distance. All 5 of the books are signed by him, and when I attend one of his services, I make sure to go early and get a seat in the front. Follow with intention. Because closer you are to the source of your inspiration, more of it you will get.


Go to Conferences 

Recently, I went to Hillsong Conference in Brooklyn, New York. I’ve been a listener of Hillsong Worship for almost 15 years, and sang many of his songs in church services, but it was my first time to the conference. My expectation was high, but after the 3-day conference, my expectation was blown up in all direction. The atmosphere, the dynamic, and the energy were unreal, and the messages speakers brought were... inspiring. One of the arguments to this point can be that almost all conferences are broadcasted through Facebook or YouTube. This is true, but if you go to conference for just information, videos will do, but if your goal is the inspiration, you must attend in person. You and I know that there is something so different when you attend concerts, worship services, and conferences in person. Pencil in 1 or 2 conferences for the upcoming year, it will help you stay inspired through the whole year. I am signed up for 2019 Hillsong Conference in LA.

Share Your Inspirations with Others

You might have heard of the saying, “it is more blessed to give than receive.” I believe it wholeheartedly. It’s more blessing to give than receive because when you give what you give multiplies. When you receive and not give, the blessing stops there. Inspiration works the same way. When you meet from the source of inspiration and go to conferences but does not share what you are inspired by, the inspiration stops there. However, when you make the extra effort to give to others what you’ve learned and serve others to be inspired, your inspiration will even grow larger in your heart. That’s why leaders keep leading. Some of the most thriving leaders are those who continually give their inspirations away. Because through it, they keep getting inspired. However, you don’t have to be world-renowned speaker or large-organization executive to apply this principle. Start giving your inspiration away at coffee shops with that friend who’s hurting and watch your inspiration work its wonders.


Staying inspired, again, is not a state of being that’s achieved by passivity. It requires intentions and even some courage to be spontaneous. Inspired people move, and they move to create positive change in our world. Let’s be inspired and stay inspired to create a world where this generation and next can hope for the future.

Kevin LeeComment